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Wet Nap Alcohol 10s

  • Product features :

    Product info :

    Application : Kills 99.99% germs ( certified )

    Solution : Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

    Towel size : 200 x 120 mm

    Towel Material : Spunlace 50g

    Packing Size: 100 foil bags x 10 individually wrapped

    Carton size : 372 x 332 x 225 mm ( H)

  • Precautions :

    This is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membrane. If solution comes in contact with the eyes, wash out promptly and thoroughly with water. Skin irritation is uncommon but should reaction occur discontinue use immediately. Special precautions: Isopropyl alcohol will attack some forms of plastic, rubber, and coatings, so test a small portion of the surface for some color change and reaction prior to use. Allow the tools and surfaces to dry before use


    Usable Life and Storage :

    This product has a usable life of 24 months from manufacturing date. Store in a cool, dry,well - ventilated area, away from open flame

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