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Customizing/private label of our luxury

Wet-Nap towels.

All our Wet-Nap towels can be customized according your needs. A high quality towel with your brand, logo or message will boost your image and will have more extended effect than a flyer or brochure.


People do not throw away an unused towel, but usually put it in their pocket for later use. At the time they are in need of a towel, your message or brand will appear again and leaves the impression as a problem solver. It will definitely boost your image.

Private label suits very well to :

  • Hotels, restaurants, caterers, foodservice

  • Airlines, railroads, cruise ship, bus companies

  • Support or promote a brand

  • Promotion activities

  • Service to your customers

  • Taking care and pampering guests or visitors

  • As a part of an event to strengthen the overall experience

  • Distribute your message in a very effective way

General conditions for private label :

  • Minimum Order Quantity 30,000 pieces (pricing much more competitive from 100.000 pieces and above)

  • All private label orders are firm sales, no returns are accepted under any circumstances

  • Lead-time 12-14 weeks after approval of design

  • Completed orders are shipped as soon as they are ready, Wet-Nap Europe will not store orders, if we need to store stock there will be a weekly storage fee and full production has to be paid

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