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HospiCare N50R All Natural Cutlery Wipes

  • HospiCare - Healthcare

    50 pulls per packet ( resealable ) All Natural Cutlery Wipes


    HospiCare™ N50R All Natural Cutlery Wipes are designed for cleaning cutleries, food utensils, cooking equipment and food preparation areas. These special Cutlery Wipes are inexpensive, easy to use, hygienic, require little training and give effective results because each wipe is infused with sufficient dosage of food contact safe, non-toxic cleaning solution and are made of high strength and ultra low linting non woven material, reducing the risk of wipes tearing or leaving fiber contamination on food surfaces


    • The wipes are ideal when soap and water isn't easily accessible to clean utensils before eating

    • Safe for use on food and non-food items that may come in contact with your mouth

    • More effective, efficient and sanitary replacement to dry tissue or reusable cloths due to its tear-free, disposable & hygienic properties which encourages staff, patient, and consumer use, which in turn improves the outcome in reducing foodborne illnesses


    Method of Application :

    Gently wipe towel on any food surface, utensils, cutleries, kitchen equipment or any areas that comes into contact with food


  • Product info :

    Product specifications :

    Product code

    HA code : 481820007
    Application : Cutlery wipes
    Solution : Food grade
    Towel size : L180 mm x W180 mm
    Towel material : Hysoflex M60
    Finish wrapper size : L270 mm x W100 mm x H46 mm
    Wrapper material : OPP/PP (PLASTIC)
    Shelf life : 24 months


    Packing specifications :

    Product Weight :

    Unit packing : 50 pulls per packet (Resealable)
    Packing / ctn : 24 packs x 50 sheets
    Barcode : 8887245222020
    Carton size : L440 x W360 x H230mm
    carton weight : 10 kg


  • Precautions :

    This is for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membrane. If solution comes in contact with the eyes, wash out promptly and thoroughly with water. Skin irritation is uncommon but should a reaction occur discontinue use immediately


    Usable Life and Storage :

    This product has a usable life of 24 months from date of production.  Store in a cool, dry place not over 30˚C

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