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HospiCare 3525S Disinfectant Wipes

  • Product Features :

    HospiCare™ 3525s are disposable wipes that contain a combination of 35% Isopropyl Alcohol and 25% Ethanol, making it an effective disinfectant against a wide range of harmful microorganisms The wipes come in a canister with convenient dispensing.


    Trusted and used by hospitals in Singapore


    Where to use :

    For frequent disinfection of large medical surfaces and equipment in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes


    Method of Application :

    Apply on the areas or surfaces that need cleaning and disinfection

  • Product info :

    Application : Disinfection wipes
    Solution : 35% Isopropyl alcohol and 25% ethanol
    Canister size : 250 (L) mm x 110 (H) mm
    Towel material : Spunlace paper
    Packing size : 200 sheets / canister
    Carton size : 12 canisters / carton


    MOQ require.

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